Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Is HDTV?

Some providers of satellite television, such as Dish Network, HDTV offers packages with their receivers. But many people do not know what means to HDTV. Here is a preview.

HDTV HDTV is the literal meaning. But high definition compared to what? To answer this question we need to know more about the analog television system.

Analog TV

30 frames per second (in Europe 25), shown by the regular analog television sets. Of course, this image with horizontal lines, 525 lines in an image (In Europe, 625) on the screen. The number of pixels on a line is around 500. This understanding will be 500 pixels per line, with 525 (or 625) lines. Compared to the modern computer screen is really bad. Even the lower resolution monitors have higher resolution (640 x 480) compared with analogue television.

HDTV - High Definition Television

HDTV is high-resolution digital television (DTV) combined with a surround sound Dolby Digital (AC-3). There are 18 allocated to the different formats of digital TV 6 are considered HDTV.

The differences between progressive and interlaced is not difficult. This must be done by an image is built. Interlaced with the technology will be displayed in the first line, and even then, the line will be displayed. The line is shown in this sequence: 1,3,5, ... , 521, 523, 525, 2, 4, 6, .... 522, 524, 1, 3, etc. This means that each 1 / 60 of the second half of the image is displayed. This often results in tremor, which can be tiring for the eyes.

Progressive display technology to manage the whole image every 1 / 60 of the second, so that the image is much more subtle.

How better HDTV?

Normal TV has a resolution of 210,000 pixels. HDTV has a screen resolution up to 2,000,000 pixels, which provides up to 10 times more detailed.

The aspect ratio of normal TV is 4 x 3 (4 / 3 times wider than tall). A screen aspect ratio of HDTV is 16 x 9, also known as the screen width.

The future of HDTV

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided that all television stations in the United States should be able to HDTV programs broadcast by the year 2006. That the mandate of the FCC has no impact on the broadcasting company, but also cable companies and consumers.

Broadcast companies must invest in new equipment such as cameras, editing equipment, etc.

The cable companies have converted all their equipment, including receivers in the home of the customer.

May consumers to buy new equipment, such as top-box to convert digital signals to analog signals, or even buy a new television.

HDTV is the future, and a very big step forward. We started with simple black and white TV, and then color TV, large screen TV. But all systems are based on signals as the original black and white TV used. When color television was introduced, it is not possible to force residents to evacuate their full black and white television and buy a color TV. Therefore, the color television signal is still needed to be heard in black and white. It prohibits improving the quality of television images in the digital age.

Must respond on television not too long ago and far better quality HDTV is available via satellite television, including the Dish Network.